Speech Pathology Unit

specialists employ and use evidence based strategies such as AAC (Agumented and Alternative Communication) systems and devices to ensure that children are thoroughly tested

  • To provide necessary communication strategies and train the child, teacher and families in order to facilitate better communication that will improve the child’s academic and social skills.
  • To ensure children who require speech and communication support receives quality intervention through the use of AAC systems.
  • To provide support to certain families that raise concerns of feeding and swallowing.
Key Functions
  • Intervention and Therapy - To provide on-going speech therapy services to children who have mild to severe communication and speech delays including feeding and swallowing concerns at FHO.
  • Training and Capacity Development - To ensure parents, teachers and caregivers receive ample information and training to support and improve the development of their child's communication skills and capabilities.
  • Assistive Resources - To ensure children who require assistive resources receives quality intervention through the use of AAC systems.
  • Evaluation - To conduct evaluations and assessments of children with communication difficulties based on their speech goals and programs.
Speech Pathologist: Frank Tute
Speech Pathology Assistant: Navneeta Prakash