The Frank Hilton Organisation, with support from the New Zealand Government, has embarked on an assistance project for low-income families who have children with disabilities. The project will allow eligible families to access one of 3 categories of assistance available.

1. Food and Nutrition

Contents of the Ration Pack include: Rice 4kg, Dhal 4kg, Flour 4kg, Sugar 2kg, Salt 500g, Cooking Oil 750ml, Tea Leaves 200g, Curry Powder 100g, Milk Powder 450g, Breakfast Crackers 300g, Weetbix 275g, Rolled Oats 400g, Noodles 5 pack, Juice Powder 125g, Colgate Oral Dental Kits x 4, Reusable Face masks x 2, Hand Sanitizer 260ml and health & nutrition brochures. Items permitted for purchase under the Food & Nutrition Voucher include: Meat/Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, Cooking Oil, Dhal, Cocoa, Milo, Vico, Milk, Eggs, Flour, Noodles, Rice, Rolled Outs, Wheatbix.


Items permitted for purchase under the WASH Voucher include: Buckets, Basins, Cleaning Agents, Garbage bags, Hand Wash, Mops/ brushes with handles, Nail Clipper, Rubbish bin with lids, Water bottles, water storage containers, bottled water< pots, hose-pipes, toilet cleaning items, sponge, hot water bags, jugs, kettles, electric kettles.

3. Health Hygiene and Medication

Items permitted for purchase under the Health & Hygiene Voucher include: Baby Oil/Lotion, Baby Powder, Baby Wipes, Bandaid, Coconut Oil, Cotton Swab, Dettol, Disinfectants, Soap, Face Fasks, Hand Sanitiser, Lactogen, Lactulose, ORS, Panadol Elixir, Panadol Tablets, Sanitary Pads, Antiseptic Cream.

Use the online form below to apply for COVID-19 Assistance or download the .pdf file to manually apply;