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13 May
  The Hilton Organization has been providing coordination and assistance to the Shriners Children’s Hospital outreach programme for the past 25 years, by ensuring children with disabilities are provided access to treatment. This coordination process is provided purely as an add on to the existing services provided by the Hilton Organization and is on a voluntary basis.
 Shriner’s Hospital provides all medical treatment, rehabilitation and accommodation whilst the patient and their carer are in Hawaii, at no cost to the family, however individual families are required to source their own funding for airfares and their daily expenses. Some families have been able to receive support from the Ministry of Health and the Hilton Organization towards the cost of their airfares.
 The Hilton Organization received a $30,000 donation from Vodafone ATH Foundation which will be put towards the cost of assisting children/carers when they undergo treatment in Hawaii. Families wanting to access these funds will be means-tested in order to check their eligibility, as the Hilton Organization is fully accountable to their donors for any funds received.
 Since the beginning of the Shriners programme, 954 children have received treatment.
 So far, this year the Hilton Organization has facilitated sending 2 children for treatment with more children to be sent over the course of the year.
 The service provided is a collaborative process and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Ministry of Health and also Vodafone ATH Foundation for this very timely donation.