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The Child Sponsorship scheme is a support programme offered specifically to children from low income families who are currently registered at the Hilton Organisation. The scheme assists families of over 60 children, currently enrolled, to enable them to receive access to a holistic programme which provides for their educational needs, as well as therapies targeted to their specific disabilities, together with the necessary support services.

At the time of enrolment, each family is means tested and recommendations are made by the respective Head teachers for necessary support. In addition, the child sponsorship programme provides the children with transport to and from our Brown Street and Waimanu Road campuses on a daily basis, nutrition packs which includes foods rations, school shoes and stationery, ongoing physiotherapy programmes tailor made to the child’s specific needs, access to audiology screening and testing and other multiple support services.

Whilst some families are asked to make a token payment towards meals and transportation, this in no way covers the cost of all the services that the Hilton Organisation provides to each and every child. For example, the total cost of transportation for 60 children (for 41 school weeks of the year) amounts to approximately $60, 000 annually (and equated to just under $5/school day/child); however the family is only expected to contribute $1 per day towards this and the rest of the cost is subsidised by the Hilton Organisation. Most parents, who fall into the low income category, are exempt from this payment as well. Funds received for the sponsorship programme partly goes towards subsidising this cost.

Support services are offered in order to provide a holistic and comprehensive development and family support programme for all of our children. Thus, the assistance received from all who contribute towards the sponsorship drive is put to best use in allowing the Hilton Organisation to continue to provide these ongoing services.

To sponsor a child, download the form below and send it to us at