Donate your time and expertise

We seek the assistance of professionals in the following fields:

  • Allied Health Professionals– Speech Therapists, Educational/Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Trained Nurses
There is a lack of allied health professionals in Fiji and we are constantly in need of such professionals who can support our multidiciplinary team in providing services to our caseload. 
  • Education– Trained & qualified Teachers, Resource specialists
  • Medicine– Paediatricians, General Practitioners, Neurologists
  • Artists – Professional dancers, musicians, artists

You may assist in any of the many varied programmes conducted at the organisation or assist with conducting training workshops for teachers and parents. We welcome any person who wishes to share their knowledge and assist our support groups for parents with any income generating activity, or who wish to share their knowledge and expertise in order to motivate and encourage our teachers, parents and students.

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