Outreach and community support



To date the Audiology team has conducted 26 visits, screened 1305 children, referred 284 cases to ENT and fitted 136 children with hearing aides.

Early identification of ear and hearing problems is important to minimize their effects on education and speech and language development. It allows us to treat temporary hearing problems and commence rehabilitation for those with permanent hearing loss.

The objective of the Frank Hilton Audiology outreach programme is to identify children with hearing problems, outer and middle ear pathologies and provide the early detection and intervention and therapy. Children in remote, inaccessible areas are not able to access services provided by the Organization so there is hardly any intervention at the correct time, the outreach program helps us intervene and detect at the right age and assist children who would otherwise not be able to access these services. the Audiology Outreach also has the benefit of visiting consultant Audiologist Donna Carkeet.




The FHO Physiotherapy team in 2018 has screened 411 children in 4 schools and has referred 23 children to nearest Health centers, hospitals and nearest Physiotherapists for further treatment and assessment

Physiotherapy Outreach program is important as it provides early Intervention to children with physical impairment and mobility. The objective of the outreach is to ensure children are assessed and screened from ECE level to classes 1-3 and build awareness and capacity for a more holistic approach among parents, teachers, carers, communities and stakeholders

Outreach allows for a more holistic approach a child and their family.





Community support

To date the community support unit has provided support to over 70 children. Built 3 footpaths, completed home renovation to improve sanitary needs, given 5 commodes and 3 beds, given home packs and many more.

The Community and Family Support Programme aims to overcome socio-economic barriers that prevent so many children from accessing services of immeasurable – and potentially life-changing – benefit. Originating as a pilot project in 2016, in August 2017 it became a programme proper.

A key focus of the programme has been to address a lack of parent awareness, and as testify by one of our Head Teachers, the community support programme has produced higher levels of parent dedication and involvement. 


Goods and services provided under the programme in 2017

• Free or subsidized nutritional mid-day meals and monthly ration packs

• Stationery, bags and school equipment

• Shoes, uniforms, clothing

• Home-based rehabilitation programmes, accessibility solutions and home improvements

• Sanitation and water supply initiatives

• Transport

• Bedding assistance – pillows, blankets, mattresses

• Assistive devices

• Parent education and awareness

Criteria for accessing programme services under the community support division. Through compulsory means testing of all families who are registered at the Frank Hilton Organization. Community support Unit aims to support the family with their needs and mitigate hardships that will adversely affect the child’s wellbeing.

Other forms of assistance offered to families 

• Social Welfare applications

• Housing Assistance and Relief Trust (HART) applications

 • General medical referrals

 • Referrals for FHO therapy services and Hilton schools

 • Assistance with water supply, sanitation, health and quality of life issues