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The Physiotherapy Department provides assessment and intervention for children with developmental delays and disabilities aged 0-18 years. It provides individual and group programmes both in-house and in the community. It also provides Paediatric mobility Device Services in accordance with the WHO guidelines of service delivery. The department functions are carried out by three Physiotherapist (two in Suva and one in Lautoka), two Community Rehabilitation Assistants and two Wheelchair Technicians.

Aims and Objectives
  • To screen, assess and identify children at risk of, and with disabilities as early as possible.
  • To ensure children with disabilities or developmental delay are provided with necessary programs to improve motor functional skills and activities of daily living at the earliest possible time and consistently thereafter to prevent further complications and slow the progress of disability.
  • To increase the knowledge and skills of parents and caregivers in regards to their child’s condition and their needs.
  • To encourage positive attitudes towards having a child with a disability within a family.
  • To improve problem solving and peer support amongst caregivers.
  • To promote inclusion of children within the family and community.
  • To equip parents/caregivers with skills to care for their child and promote optimum development and reduce further disability e.g., contractures, limb deformity.
  • To support parents in identifying common health problems, seizures and pain and assist them to manage them.
  • Provide children with assistive devices and postural support devices that will improve access and participation in school and the home environment.
Key Functions of FHO Physiotherapy Department

  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Pediatric Physiotherapy Services
  • Positing and Moving
  • Posture
  • Head Control
  • Sitting Balance
  • Prone Lying
  • 24-hour Positioning
  • Mealtimes
  • Play and Early Stimulation
  • Everyday activities (ADLS)
  • Stretches and Range of Motion exercises
  • Parent Training and Group Programmes
  • Mobility Device Services (MDS)
  • Home Based Intervention Programmes
  • Outreach Programme and Special School Screenings