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This department was set up to mainly support children on the spectrum and their families. Often children do not receive access to education or curriculum due to inability to self-regulate, heightened sensory needs and lack of opportunities and methods of communication, which is not supported well within a full classroom or social environments. The PBS programme therefore assists parents and teachers better understand and support children who display such behaviour. PBS also deliver its services to schools and communities with the same objective. The PBS programme is run by the PBS Officer and two Assistants.

Aims and Objectives
  • PBS department  aims to decrease or deescalate the behaviours of concern in order for the child to participate and become independent in his/her daily living
  • Supporting families whose children display challenging behaviours by means of coaching, mentoring, and modelling
  • Providing PBS strategies for families to implement at home
  • Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Individual and Group Programmes
  • Parent Training Programmes
  • Teacher Training Programmes
  • Community Awareness