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Volunteer Speech Pathologist

4 Nov

Dr. Geraldine Bricker-Katz is a Speech Pathologist and lecturer at the College of Health Science La Trobe University, Australia. She is also a honorary research affiliate in the discipline of Speech Pathology at the Univerity of Sydney. Gerry, as we call her, was with us for 2 weeks on a scoping mission to support us in collecting data on communication issues in children.

But apart from this key mission Gerry was well immersed in all activities at FHO. She conducted training to our Speech Pathology Assistants, assessed many of our children on our waiting list and visited other special schools to observe.

We were so fortunate to have her share her immense wealth of knowledge with us and truely appreciate her volunteering her time to us for the past 2 weeks!

Like our very own Terrie Walker, FHO consultant speech pathologist(volunteer), who has been supporting us for over 3 years we hope to see Gerry too more often at FHO in the near future!